Beep Baseball/Kickball

Beep Baseball and Beep Kickball are played very similarly. Like goal Ball, all the players must wear a eye shade mask. The game requires a beeping ball, two beeping bases, and outfield place mats. When the batter hits the beeping ball, he runs to the base that makes a loud buzzing noise.  While this is going on, a sighted person calls out different numbers for the outfield to go and try to find the ball. If the outfielder finds the ball before the batter touches the base, than the batter is out! 


And Many More!!!

At Camp Abilities Michigan there is never a dull moment. While at camp the children will be engaged in a multitude of many other exciting activities such as swimming, Beep Bocce Ball, cooperative games, and arts and crafts! 

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Goal Ball

Goal ball is a game currently being played at the Paraylmpics. Every player in these games wears a eye shade mask, to prevent any advantages. The objective of the game is to roll a ball, which contains bells in it, past the opponents goal line. To stop the ball the defense must try to stop the ball using their entire bodies. Whether playing this game inside a gym or outside on the field, this game is a great workout and a lot of fun!

Here are some of the sports and activities that the campers will be participating in during camp!

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